Age of Apocalypse

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(W) David Lapham (A) Renato Arlem, Roberto De La Torre (CA) Kris Anka. The other-dimensional stakes are raised as the lady Penance rises, promising salvation for all who follow her - and a reincarnated Alpha mutant returns! Meanwhile, the X-Terminated travel to Latveria - but can they get the information they need to defeat Weapon Omega from Dr. Doom? Deadeye may be able to help! Plus: Jean Grey finds herself on the run - from Cyclops! And as a weapon that could kill Weapon X - a.k.a. the Overlord - is discovered, Prophet's final plan for human survival takes shape. It all builds to a final showdown between the X-Terminated and Weapon X with Jean's fate hanging in the balance - but when the dust clears, will anyone at all be left alive to pick up the pieces? It's all-out action in the Age of Apocalypse! Collecting AGE OF APOCALYPSE #6-12.