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Adventure Mart

Adventure Mart

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Welcome to the world of Adventure Capitalism! As managers of competing Adventure Mart convenience stores, only one thing matters to your CEOs; get as much gold as possible! Hire staff, purchase store upgrades and new stock, and sell incredible items to all manner of fantastical visitors... Just make sure you don’t get sent to the abyss!

Take control of your own AM-branded convenience stores, battling to sell fantasy weaponry and magical goods to a variety of customers who visit your town over the course of five rounds, each representing a day. The perfect introduction to deck-building games, you will cycle through cards that you buy with profits made by selling items. However, each Adventurer can only buy from one store, so you will have to outbid your opponents with lucrative offers. Just remember that there’s only so much money in each visitor’s bag!

Can you become the most successful manager in town?

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