Tidesong GN

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With echoes of Studio Ghibli, award-nominated creator Wendy Xus solo graphic novel debut is a story of self-acceptance and friendshipwith a magical twist. Sophie is a young witch whose mother and grandma put pressure on her to attend the best magic school in the realm, even though her control over her magic is shaky at best. To help her prepare for the schools entrance exams, they send her away to train with relatives shes never met. However, Sophies Great Aunt and cousin Sage wont let Sophie near a spell book. Instead, they make her do chores. Frustrated, Sophie attempts magic on her own, but a spell goes horribly awry and she accidentally entangles herself with a young water dragon named Lir. Even though Lir has lost his memories and his ability to shift into his dragon form, he is everything Sophie isntbeloved by Sophies family and skilled at magic. With his help, Sophie might just ace her entrance exams, but that means thwarting Lirs attempts to regain his memories. Sophie knows what shes doing is wrong, but without Lirs help, can she prove herself?

Tags: Ages: 7-13, All ages favorites