Towers of Dr Xill

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Dr. Xillgracone (aka Dr. Xill) was a genius and madman who experimented with the natural order of life on himself and others. Using super-science devices infused with the raw power of fire and ice, he summoned and enslaved elemental creatures to merge with his human subjects. Explore Dr. Xill's tower by thawing out the chambers. . .but beware what you may find!

However, an imbalance of thermal and polar micro-elementals used to control his labs tilted toward the polar side and slowly his menagerie was encased in ice - freezing Dr. Xill's operations for millennia. Some say he miscalculated, others argue that his mind cracked and he took his own life, while still others insist his final act was precise and calculated - his plan yet to take effect. That is until now . . .

This 20pp 2nd/3rd level adventure is created for Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics by Goodman Games, but could be adapted to any RPG adventure.

The map shows ice thickness in areas where PCs must breach to access rooms, items, or evils!

One of the fantastic aspects in The Towers of Dr. Xill is the environment. The ice not only (temporarily) blocks areas of the map, but also interesting items and potential dangers. The PCs will have to carefully manage resources and tools discovered for excavation. And don't forget, the frictionless floors create opportunity for unexpected sliding and unintentional exploration! Frozen hallways may be used by PCs for clever advantages as well as a hasty doom.

And of course, like many of our adventures there are a number of VISUAL PUZZLES for players to solve - this adventure more than any other. Dr. Xill is testing those who enter, and the reward for success may be unwelcome!

Puzzle rooms and visual handouts abound to captivate and test the PCs!

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